Blissfully creating…always learning…

This is the dance…the moment of return.

Dance cards series:

I have explored the idea of the dance as a life journey for a long time. It is a theme I keep returning to. This is a set of over 40 dance cards which were originally designed as oracle cards. The are broken up into 4 groups. Red is passion, purple is freedom, green is healing and blue is spirit. These are all original works on A1 cotton rag paper. I hope you enjoy them and is anyone would like to collaborate in actually making them into a published set, I would love to hear from you. Yes, they are very illustrative but I loved the paly with the consistent layered backgrounds when creating such a large body of work. I will add these overtime or this gallery will never get published. I know all the details are not yet attached but decided this page would be a work in progress or it would never be published. All works are original acrylic paintings on water color paper and are not to be copied or used without written permission. I would love to get these printed as cards one day as was the original intent. 

Each card in this series is one of 4 suites that is connected to a specific color:

  • Healing: green
  • Freedom: blue
  • Passion: red
  • Spirit: purple



Dance play

Keep dancing and creating your dreams.

June 14, 2014

2 Responses to “The Dance”

    • Cheryle

      Thank you, like you I love sharing my journey…your work is inspiring…love your use of light and color.



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