DreamWorks inspiration for creative exploration.

I have had a wonderful yr 7 group during first semester 2014 and was able to take them to see the DreamWorks exhibition at ACMI in Melbourne. I reviewed the exhibition for Practically Primary and will include this in the ‘published’ page when it comes out. I will add a student report, by Shruthi and Snehithaa, about the exhibition at the bottom of this page (when completed).
I have been working with my year 7 art students on their DreamWorks character creation lino-cut stamps. It is the end of term and students are rushing to complete. Some designs are stronger than others but everyone has had a go. Some students who did not attend the exhibition have copied a DreamWorks character rather than creating an original. Ideally I would do this project earlier in the term as student get limited class time in art. Students have enjoyed the project and are loving the chance to create their lino-cutting experience. Most have used the traditional linoleum pieces but some have used the rubber blocks to create their stamps.
Students using linoleum transferred their designs using carbon paper as a simple transfer method however this transfer process does not work on the rubber blocks.
A final design drawn in dark grey lead pencil transfers easily when in position, face down on the block and then rubbing over the back of the drawing with a grey lead pencil. This produces Avery clear transfer with the drawing in reverse so it prints the correct way (as in the original drawing).
The steps are discussed in the handouts that I have created.  If you would like them please send me an email and I will forward them to you.
Below are some examples of students work at different stages in the process.
The stamps were printed with a basic hand printing technique using a roller and because of the small size (hand size) they printed extremely well.

Today was the final class and everyone was working really well. Some amazing ideas by all. Some simple images and some more complex but I was so proud of their achievements.  Such amazing imaginations.

Yeah, I discovered that I can put documents on the site…still learning but enjoying the process. I have attached the documents in word format but if they shift too much I will go to PDF. I would love it if anyone who tries these tasks sends me some photos so I can add them to the page.

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