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Loving the new header image I developed for my new site.

Loving the new header image I developed for my new site.

Loving the new header image I developed for my new site.


I,m moving to It’s just around the corner…not far really and my address will stay the same.

Ive had a lovely learning adventure here and have enjoyed connecting with all of you but now it’s time to go the next step. There are so many adventures and so many learning curves as I set up my art business and develop Wild Soul Creativity. I’m having lots of fun and am developing lots of freebies to share, creating workshops and exploring. It’s all about finding what gives you joy in the end…creating those good vibrations as the Beach Boys remind us in their classic song.

I hope you will come and play with me on my new platform as it is always hard moving on and nice to keep connections.

I do want to give a shout out thank you to Cath Connell and all the work she has done setting up my website through spicy

Its time for a fresh new look. Please come over to the new site at and visit. Love some comments and love you to join my community of Wild Soul Creatives.

Enjoy the adventure,


Loving the new header image I developed for my new site.

Heart and head

Intuitive art to me is a guided space where I connect into my heart and my wise self that resides there. This intuitive process is a way of being so I will start by looking at the heart head connection. Often a conversation can draw out the intuitive voice if it has connected to your truth. Intuition is the heart space I am in as I speak from my truth. It is a guiding voice that lights a path to your oil and not a fear based voice.


The other day a friend was saying how she did not understand how some people chose to be so critical of others. How could anybody be in that space? she asked. I found myself voicing a deep truth as I said that they were speaking from their heads and not my heart. My friend questioned this as she said it was important to think about what was going on. I visualised the path I knew felt right and said that some people are sensitives and this didn’t mean they did not analyse what they felt but the path of understanding went from heart to head then back to heart and the understanding was voiced from the heart space. The difference was that some people would feel the reaction, analyse and speak from their head rather than checking in with what Abrahams refers to as our emotional guidance system. Without this heart check in, we disconnect with our soul self and the inner guidance that keeps us true to ourselves. The heart check in is our path to being the best of who we really are.

Heart or head

Pause for a moment, go in to you – into your heart space, and ask ‘ What does my heart want?’ Listen and the answer will come.

Imperfection and allowing

Now please don’t misunderstand me. We all have times where life is so overwhelming that we jump the last step in our need to survive our world and all that is happening around us. I trip up regularly. The trip up is not what we need to focus on but the moment of recognition which can either send us back into our head or we can ask ourselnnves one simple question.’What does my heart want’ This one question changes our point of focus and connects us back into our heart space and our emotional guidance system. This is the space of connection that opens us up to our intuition and our inner guidance.This is the space where we have a knowing of the answer to whatever question we are asking. We are connected to universal knowledge and can tap in. When we are in our heads we have disconnected from our soul self. Ask yourself wether you spend more time in your heart or your head. We need both for balance but our heart is where we communicate our truth. I am picturing the Egyptian scales where a heart is placed I pin scales and balanced by a feather. Illogical but this image holds a truth. The gentle lightness of a feather…the lightness of the heart that is not weighed down by fear.
Fear or trust
Is it fear or intuition talking and how do you flip back into intuition. This is about a way of living and that beautiful idea of art as life is integrated into everything. The moments of tripping into beauty we when you slip into your heart space. Do you see the aphid or the pure droplet of water balanced on the vibrant pink rose petal? This is connection and it is the first step to trusting yourself.
The space of noticing where you are and then reflecting heart or head. And the internal whisper of thank you as you begin to see the beauty in so many things around you. The more consciously you choose to notice, the more you will easily step from head based fear that is protective and tends to be defensive of what it has to that heart space that is about opening and trusting that spontaineous space that is allowing, intuitive and healing.This really comes down to trusting your ’emotional guidance system’ and listening to the shifts inside your own body that are telling you what you really need and allowing that awareness rather than cutting off from your heart space and becoming stuck in your head.

Perfection or process

When we are in this space it is not important that everything is perfect and accurate but the importance is in the process of being in the moment and taking the adventure that is being offered. This is the space of finding the inside images that resonate with your inner world and bringing them into the outside world. When this happens, you see parts of yourself that can be unexpected and surprises you. It is the visual language that sits inside you that is waiting to be recognised. When you are in this space you will learn amazing things about yourself that you hadn’t been aware of with your conscious mind.
Art has a lovely way of tricking us into letting our internal guard down so we can step into that well of knowledge inside us almost by accident.
When did you last slip not this space of noticing and wondering. This space that opens a path forward into the depth of you. Noticing is the first step to connecting with your intuition.The five steps below will help you step into a space where you begin to open to your intuition.

Try these simple 10 steps t0 help you connect

1/ Become aware of the pace of your breathing
2/ Take three conscious slow deep breaths into your belly and out of your heart space and let go
3/ Notice the moment
4/ Step into wonder
5/ Look for things that give you joy
6/ Say thank you
7/ start a gratitude journal and add to it every day
8/ In moments of choice ask ‘what does my heart want?’
9/ Act as if you are in your heart
10/ Forgive yourself when you get stuck in your head and go back to step 1

Under her wings

She is connected to the depth of who she really is. Her wings unfurl as her wise self watches.

Loving the new header image I developed for my new site.

Find your wings

Connect, play and explore in this one day intuitive painting workshop.

Workshop ponderings

I’m having so much fun playing with all the possibilities as I continue to grow and develop my systems to help me spread my wings and fly with my business’s dreams. As I am learning more about my tribe and who I want to attract, I thought the Christmas  season would be the perfect time to share my love and expertise in  angels, intention and intuitive art.

As with all of my workshops, they are based on my  Wild Soul Creativity approach which easily and quickly guides you as you learn how to connect with your creativety and find the space for you.  As you develop these intuitive skills you will be supported in you in holding your own space in your daily life.

Finding your wings

This one day angel painting play date is my angel intuitive workshop called ‘Find your wingsand I’ve put it up on eventbrite. It is such a new learning as I work out how I want to put myself out there and share what I know and love with others who want to step into their own creative intuitive self. I am excited to offer my approach and the amazing Angels they will create as they connect and listen to their own intuitive guidance.

A playful adventure

Life gets so busy and we easily get stuck in that work and responsibility head space. When is there space to actually connect to our heart space. To explore who we are within and nurture our soul? It is so easy to lose sight of our possibilities when work takes over and sometimes it feels like there isn’t any room to breathe. This painting play date is about finding that space to allow that connection with who we really are and playing  with paint and luscious mixed media supplies. Art has a way of helping us find our way back home to ourselves where we can connect back to our creative soul and remember our joyful child as we play and create together.


Then when we have our completed angel paintings we will learn easy ways to start conversations with our angels and receive guidance. Learn some easy questions to help you connect with that inner wisdom and the gentle guiding voice of your angel.

Who is this for

This workshop is for anyone looking for something more. A way to connect back to the parts of you that have been lost along the way. No prior art skills are required. Bring an open heart, a willingness to play and enjoy the adventure as we connect and remember how to listen to our guidance and our wise self. Let the beautiful energy of the Angels surround you as you paint, play layer and listen.

An invitation

I believe that art is a sacred place to connect and go deeper. Painting is an opening to another world and invites us on an adventure. You are invited to share my studio and be part of a small group of 6 women as we play, paint and connect through paint and mixed media. Create your own mixed media angel painting and receive guidance from your angel. This is about creating a sacred space where we can play togethert  and connect with our own wild soul creativity.

What to bring

Bring your basic supplies and an A4 visual diary. I will supply lots of luscious matte rials for you to play plus the canvas  for your creative angel play date. More information at the link below.

Where and when

A small group full day event on the 26th of November at Cheryle Bannon’sstudio in Carnegie .

Book now



Under her wings

She is connected to the depth of who she really is. Her wings unfurl as her wise self watches.


Loving the new header image I developed for my new site.

Drifting and dreaming

She is the dreamer that becomes her workd

I am playing with the edges of my understanding and allowing the layers to play together to form something new. I have so much to learn and I keep evolving. This beautiful girl links to my previous few pieces with the gentle optimism and the contrast of turquoise and orange. I know something in me has shifted as o see it in my art. I am not sure that I can name the shift yet. The unmasking, rhe daring and ability to take more risks. I am not even sure where the changes have come from. All I know is that my self image is shifting and the art I am creating is reflecting someone who is more willing to take risks and show who they are. No more masks, no more pandering to expected norms. It is my time to say this is who I am and I will flow with this feminine wisdom and create my world. I will take some scary risks as I rebuild parts of myself and reframe the way I present myself to the world. The time for hiding is past and I must say that I am both scared and excited by the prospect of something new. This is the message I believe these new works are sharing with me as I listen to the whispered wisdom within. the layers.

I have created a new painting today, that really does explore the edges of the image and the merging of the.layers. This distinct edge seems important. It is about how we connect and are part of everything around us. We are connected and. no matter what, we can not be seperate. We may pretend we are but that is only an illusion. The beautiful, vibrant energy of life connects us in so many ways as the ripples of who we are extend outwards.

This journey into the part of me that is a CEO of my business is about being aware of the connections and the way each part of who we are impacts ur world. I am learning and as long as I live and create, my learning will continue. The biggest understanding is that we are all connected and there is no such thing as separation. Thus is a shared journey that in essence is a soulful adventure. Each step along the way is full of surprises. This painting , like many before it, has surprised me and asked me to step back an question what I understand. I know it is the question that I ask that make me who I am so I step back and I wonder. Who is the person who painted this image and what is it about the edges of who we ar that is so important. Edges are often blurred and interwoven and I wonder about the interconnection that is so important on all of my art and my life adventure.

Loving the new header image I developed for my new site.


Do you know those times when you have worked and reworked a painting and it is still not right. That was this painting before I got brave. She had a mask  and her face was leaning to the left. No matter what I did , I could not make her work. So yesterday I got really brave and did something a bit scary. I actually pulled layers of paint and material off the canvas an redid her entire face , neck and hair. I had reached the point of knowing something had to shift and now she has emerged. There is a sense of calm as she glances upwards but no one realises the turmoil within the layers. The owl was new as well and he just seemed to appear.

Letting go

My act of release of the old painting made way for something totally unexpected. I am so pleased with the final result and the richness of the layers. I guess sometimes it is important to let go if you want to make room for something better. It does mean risking loss of what you have. I love the moments of surprise and possibilities but it is always such a journey. It seems important that the mask is gone and the owl is now sitting on her shoulder and guiding her. It is that recognition of allowing my paintings to reflect who I have become as I look forward into my future.

The moment of change

She is opening to her dreams and becoming her soul self.

Loving the new header image I developed for my new site.

Guides and archetypes.

Today infnally got back into my studio after being immersed in setting up my new website and learning about organising features.Today I had planned to work on 2 pieces but worked on seven. Drying pieces in between and layering. I finished my owl piece and somewhere along the way she became my heart warrior. I am clairesentient and as such tend to wear my heart on my sleeve which does not always fit well at work. This sensitivity is one of the things that shapes me as an artist as I connect to that guiding feeling place. I am learning about how to protect myself within my non-art space at work and when I need to say no to feel that I am grounded and in my own truth. Now saying no might sound simple but when it gets caught up with expectations, it can become messy.  I said no to a powerful female colleague on Friday I feel that I may have evoked this powerful feminine warrior spirit. The more I learn to honor and value what I have to give, the more I can give. For me this means choosing what I volunteer for and not just accepting being placed in a volunteer job because I am told that I should do it. Should is a trigger word that reminds us we need to pay attention and listen to our heart. My warrior princess feels like what I needed right now as I grow and develop my business and step more boldly into my own truth. I am taking huge leaps and each one reminds me that I have so much more to learn.

When did you last say no to an expectation because it didn’t feel right? Can you remember. Listen to your own owl wisdom and let your warrior support you as you moved onward on your journey.

Warrior Princess

She is my warrior princess. Her owl wisdom guides her and her heart is there for all to see.

Loving the new header image I developed for my new site.

Abundance and business

Remember how to play....

I am inspired and explore what new possibilities open up as I explore intuitive art and play.

I can’t help thinking ‘ be careful what you wish fot’ when I look around my studio at all the works stacked against the wall. So many works in progress. I know I have more than 50 pieces in progress. I do work on about 5 works at a time as I shift from one to another but I definitely need to work on completion. I guess this is about exploring what a playful balance means. I am sitting in the beautiful spring sunshine on my studio porch and know this is a lovely balance. I am developing exhibition proposals and that is helping me clarify what needs to be done next. Lots of deadlines…think I prefer the idea of a goal post…more life in that image. I am sure that space clearing also helps as I find areas in my studio that I had lost. I plan to run small workshops in my studio space so if I was to fit in tables and chairs, I needed a much clearer zone. Yes I am a typical creative who works from chaos to clarit but building my art business is helping me find new spaces in the way I approach my life and find my flow.


I love the fact that I create so much and it brings me such joy. I want to share the joy so I have a few plans and am well on the way to achieving these goals. Firstly I am creating an art freebie to help grow my email list. Those who want can opt into my wild creative soul inspiration weekly prompts. I love all the ways you can start creating and so this is a simple way to  spark your own creative fire. The free art printable will be the start. I will add an angel for your Xmas table as another printable. I am organising an angel intuitive painting workshop as a starting point which seems like a lovely guided place to start. I’ve always connected and been guided by angels and love working with this energy and  Christmas is a time we are particularly attracted to angels. Of course in all this organising I am uploading images to my new website that will launch in October hopefully. I feel like I am in a bit of a holding pattern as I wait for the website to be completed but I know there are lots of pieces to plan so I am ready to step into the new space . The new website is where I will add my new art as it is easy on where complicates the process. Learning so much along the way and so much more to learn. That is what makes this life …the ability to learn and adapt.

Next steps

Now the next step is to ensure that everything is finished and ready to go for the website. I do feel a bit like Dory…just keep panting, just keep painting….but I know that now is the time to organise and that’s the challenge especially with 50+ art works in process but the holidays are almost over and I need to focus. The trick is to stay in play as I organise. I put Pink iheart radio on loud as I organise and music always gives me energy. I’m practicing balancing my painting with organising as my dreams call and step into reality. I think that’s part of it..the more I take action steps, the more real,it becomes. Scary, exciting possibilities surround me as I take the next steps.

Wild soul creativity

I created a painted diagram to show my process and the steps I use to teach this playful intuitive process of wild soul creativity. It had to be ‘wild soul’ as so often those passionate wild parts of ourselves are kept hidden because they are a bit different and aren’t the norm. I invite you to be part of this adventure as you find your muse and step into your wild soul. It’s time to step into that playful, carefree wildness that is ready to wake that creative muse that wants to let go. It’s time to give yourself the space to explore and allow that amazing, unique soul of yours to play.

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