I do art work (and other creative projects) by commission! I’m open to doing all types of art and mixed media projects that link to the style of work you see on this site. If you would like a more personalised piece, feel free to contact me. If you have an idea and are unsure if  it fits my portfolio please feel free to ask. I have experience in a wired range of art forma from acrylic, mixed media, small ceramic and mixed media sculptures to mosaic artist in residencies. If you have any ideas for projects you’d like me to look at and work on feel free to ask as it is always nice to dialogue with people who are interested in what you do. .I do mostly fantasy and figure mixed media paintings,Commission prices are fair and based on materials and time spent. In fact I love to be prompted in different directions because it help[s me move outside my comfort zone and quite often that is when magic happens.

This price list will be updated over time. I do hope this is helpful:


Basic painting prices based on size

A4 works on paper: $95

A3 works on paper: $155

Double thick canvas paintings:

These paintings often  have a more complex subject matter and composition as the image wraps around  the side of the canvas, Sometimes a work may involve multiple layered canvases and ceramic faces. It is your preference so be inventive and lets see what’s possible.

Double thick canvas  Pricing:

be patient- this is a work in progress- prices coming and can be requested

Remember, don’t limit yourself to these two categories, as I will explore the areas you desire and work on a specific individualised piece to your specifications. it is up to you.

I can design logos for you if you wish something targeted at your business audience so lets play together and see what we can create.

I can ship anywhere in the world. Pricing is based on the Australia post pricing and will be at cost.

Thank you, Cheryle Bannon artist