Blissfully creating…always learning…

Where anything is possible…Artist, teacher,  visual storyteller and creative soul…

Welcome home…come  journeying with me as I explore a heart centred approach to creativity. Trust that inner voice and be open to wonder.

I am a visual storyteller at heart and art is the playful expression that feeds my soul. The focus on the feminine and her many faces is a powerful and consistent source of inspiration. When I am not painting, I teach art and EAL to a highly multi-cultural group of secondary students. I am continually inspired by the amazing students I teach and my own art practice is my finding connections to enable me to navigate through whatever life has to offer.

I am a messy, intuitive, playful creative soul. I learnt to navigate my world through art. I am dyslexic so when I was young learning to read and write was challenging. I learnt that I needed to work hard if I hoped to follow my blossoming artistic dreams. I believe that my first language was my visual language and through the power of the visual I have learnt to navigate the text based world of school and work. From a space of low results at high school where I struggled with English, I now have 5 degrees and teach secondary school English. If this has taught me anything, it is to dream big and not to accept when others say it can’t be done. There is always another path throug, but you have to be willing to reach out and grasp the opportunities that come. My Masters in Visual Literacy in Art Education proved to me that I was more than a label and that my ability to think differently (the gift of dyslexia) was one of my greatest strengths.

This is my quirky little dream for this blog and yes sometimes I forget to play but sharing this journey with you is a way to learn and grow together and a reminder of all the amazing possibilities of a creative life. Of course I want a thriving business but that is the icing on the cake. It is the moments I spend creating, that is. my soul space, the space where my passions dance.

This is a close up section of my mixed media piece 'Dreamscape'

This is a close up section of my mixed media piece ‘Dreamscape’

Come dance across the canvas with me as I share the process and the images that shape my world. I am a mixed media acrylic artist who is continually seeking new ways to strengthen and develop my work and take it to the next step. I aim to share my passion for exploration and play.

Appreciation and thanks to all of you who have already liked or commented on my blog. What a journey it is to create and share with you. This is your invitation  to join me as I learn and grow. Lovingly sending my art into the world …

Blogging has opened up a new way of tracking my journey but is mainly a wonderful way to connect to like minded people. I have seen some amazing creative work that you have shared and it is inspiring…and for those who are not creating themselves but love art,  your encouragement is invaluable. I look forward to hearing more about your journeys as we share our path forward together..

More formally

I am a visual artist living in Melbourne, Australia who graduated from RMIT University, Melbourne University and Monash University. I’ve been exploring mixed media since the 1990′s.
Currently I’m creating mixed media wall pieces focusing on the female figure and guardian spirits.  My work explores the inner and outer journey. Layered narratives with symbolic imagery woven throughout wrap around the edges and love beyond the canvas extending beyond the frame. The feminine mystique is layered and complex and opens up infinite possibilities in the stories that emerge between the layers. I am enjoying exploring all the possibilities that emerge.

My other jobs areteaching art and EAL, being a wife and mother and a SoulCollage® Facilitator. I am available for commissions. Prints and cards of my work are available at . Additional merchandise is available on request.

All original artwork by Cheryle Bannon copyrighted to the artist and for sale unless otherwise stated.  Please contact me on the form below with any enquiries.

The Lantern She has come through the doorway into the next phase and she moves forward...lantern light to see the path and the wolf in the background. Her companion and guide.

The Lantern
She has come through the doorway into the next phase and she moves forward…lantern light to see the path and the wolf in the background. Her companion and guide.


Keep dancing

Follow your bliss wherever your heart may lead.

May 17, 2014

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